Day One

There is no food prep on this day. We will provide drinks and a light salad lunch. Please feel free to bring snacks with you. We will discuss the philosophy and foundation of Raw Magic, and give everyone a chance to talk about your own personal goals and intentions. We will also cover holistic detox techniques and begin discussing superfoods.

Other topics covered on the course include:

  • The most important principles to create the best foundation in the body for optimum cellular health
  • The optimum raw food diet for the Northern European climate
  • Kate will share information on all the important elements to include on a raw food diet, from both the nutritional aspect, so as a chef you will be creating dishes with optimum nutrition and maximum digestibility, and equally the flavour aspect, so you will be creating recipes that your friends and family repeatedly tell you are the best things they have ever tasted!
  • We will comprehensively cover all the new and unusual ingredients that comprise the raw store cupboard and how to work them into your recipes.
  • There are ample opportunities to taste both the food and the individual ingredients throughout the day.
  • We talk in detail about superfoods, and include them in just about every dish we make so that you can learn the easy ways to get them into your diet and experience the benefits firsthand.
  • Travelling and how to stay raw when you’re not at home in your own kitchen
  • Raising children on raw
  • How to do raw in the winter
  • Food combining, transitioning, and a balanced diet
  • Interesting topics like Ormus energy, and medicinal mushrooms

Day TwoIMG_1665

Kate will teach you how to make

  • green juice
  • raw nori rolls (sushi)
  • dehydrated breads
  • raw chocolate
  • puddings. 

Recipes include Onion Bread, Deviation Chocolate & Gorgeous Goji Pudding.

Day ThreeIMG_1900

Kate will explain

  • superfood milks
  • raw mayonnaises
  • kale chips
  • pasta sauce
  • candy (fudge).

Recipes include Rum & Raisin fudge and Mystic Mayo.

Day Four

We will cover

  • smoothiesIMG_1526
  • burgers
  • salads
  • crackers
  • pies.

Recipes include Love Burgers, Hardcore Salad, Muddy Crackers, and Papaya Pie Yea.

Day Five

Kate will teach you how to makeSONY DSC

  • chia dishes
  • soups
  • kelp noodles
  • relish
  • last but not least, the legendary Quantum Cake.

Recipes include Renegade Chia, Green Goddess Soup (with Kelp noodles), Golden Relish, and Quantum Cake.


All course attendees get 10% off their Raw Living shopping from the time they book the course until the course ends.

All attendees receive support after the course in the form of a month’s free membership to Kate’s Magic Bubble.

Usually, Raw Living does not offer discounts on equipment. But course attendees will have the opportunity to purchase an Omniblend or Excalibur Dehydrator at 10% off.

And of course everyone who completes the course satisfactorily receives a Raw Magic Certificate, an exclusive Raw Magic apron worth £15 (handmade in Goa), and a 25-page manual.

We reserve the right to amend the course if necessary.

“Kate operated her magic in every way for me and i think for many others! I learned so much in so little time, though it was five days it went so quickly and Kate managed to fit so much valuable info and yummy recipes in. I love her enthusiasm, her passion and her authenticity. Kate is a very generous, radiant and beautiful being. She inspired me so much. Thank you Kate for your magic and your bubbliness, it is very catching! I am passing on the love…With love and gratitude.” Sophie, France

“Kate was absolutely fantastic and so inspirational – she answered so many of my questions regarding raw food which I have been struggling with, and I found the workshop so beneficial.” Bridgette, Wales

“Thanks for an amazing few days, it was magic and the start of a new way for our family! Still feeling the after glow and carrying something much more than I thought I was coming out for. You shine and am feeling utmost inspired love for you. Thank you.” Jeni, Essex


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