K Magic (MO)_09Kate is the most experienced raw food promoter in Europe today. She has over two decades of experience of raw eating, and is raising her three sons on the raw diet. She is the author of four raw lifestyle books, and tours internationally giving talks and workshops on raw foods.

Kate is the author of ‘Eat Smart, Eat Raw’, the UK’s best selling raw food recipe book, due to be updated and brought out in a new edition in Spring 2013; and ‘Raw Living’, a recipe book and guide to the raw lifestyle, both published by Grub Street. Her third book, ‘Raw Magic’, is a ground-breaking book of superfood recipes, now published by Process Media. All the books are well loved and continue to sell well as interest in the raw lifestyle grows.

Kate is Creative Director of the Raw Living website which offers advice and information on the raw diet, as well as the biggest range of raw foods and superfoods products in Europe. She has created over 20 unique products for the Raw Living brand, including chocolate bars, trail mixes, cakes, teas and skin creams.

Kate has been featured in most of the UK’s national press including The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Daily Express, Metro, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Red, Zest , Closer, Reveal, Woman’s Own, Top Sante, Scotland on Sunday, Positive News, International Lifestyle Magazing, Image, The Green Parent, Lifescape, Juno, and Get Fresh. She has made a number of national media appearances including BBC TV and radio, ITV, Channel 4, Passion for the Planet digital radio, NTS radio, and Radio Reverb.

Kate is an accomplished public speaker, who puts on regular events in London and all across Europe. Kate has held workshops in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, The Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Iceland, India and the USA. Her classes are always well attended and much appreciated for their unique blend of down-to-earth practicality and spiritual wisdom.

Kate has a rapidly expanding fan base who are inspired by her positive and uplifting approach to life. Kate teaches simple and accessible methods for transforming the self and being part of a spiritual revolution. She has a rare ability to join the dots for people and help them understand how personal growth contributes to the bigger picture of life, in a way that makes it easy and fun for people. Her site, Kate’s Magic Bubble, is a subscription website where members access exclusive content such as articles, interviews, recipes and videos, and which gives fans an opportunity to connect and to ask Kate questions personally.

Kate is driven by a passionate desire for change in this world. Everything she does is fuelled by her vision of humanity living together in peace and unity, and restoring our mother earth to a garden paradise. She believes raw foods and superfoods to be an important tool to unlocking our inner potential and empowering ourselves as individuals to create the cultural renaissance that is so urgently needed at this time.

To follow Kate’s adventures, go to katesmagicbubble.com

To visit her raw food site with recipes articles & an online shop go to rawliving.eu

“Kate Magic is a totally inspiring, visionary mover-shaker of epic proportions, packed into a tiny little smiley package and decorated with pretty tattoos. Author, speaker, chef, mother, artist, DJ…her creativity is manifold and manifests with such beauty… My raw food lifestyle moved to a whole different level when I met Ms. Magic back in 2005 and she always continues to inspire and uplift, with her innovations and joy for life. Kate is a raw food legend with such a wealth of experience and knowledge to share – I LOVE what she offers the world and hope you will too.” Angela Stokes-Monarch, Ecuador

“In my mind she’s the leading raw person in England for knowledge & information. And she’s the smartest & sanest of the bunch.” Suki Zoe, Bali

“Thank you so much, your approach to raw food is so liberating and you are so at ease with it all. I think you are fantastic, you far exceed David Wolfe and other people out there with the way you deliver the work. ” Emma Jones, Cardiff

K Magic (MO) _28 “I met Kate Magic yesterday at a talk she did in Birmingham. I have watched her, along with tons of other raw foodies, on youtube. She looks pretty healthy….but….wow, in the flesh………….she is absolutely AWESOME! I have never seen anyone glow like that, it was like she gave off light. Her skin was like that of a young child, it looked soft and silky and glowing. She smiled the whole evening, she was centred, calm , polite, iteresting and engaged with everyone who spoke to her. Sitting with her having a cup of tea at the end of the evening was like sitting with an old friend. What a testament to raw she is; all the work she has put in over the last 20 years. She doesn’t really need to speak – the glow alone would sell raw to most people. She says her body feels like a really great place to be and you can tell she loves her beingness. If anyone hasn’t met any long term raw foodies yet – seek them out, it’s all the inspiration you will ever need.” Jane Round, Birmingham


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