RAW MAGIC IN GOA, JAN 18-22, 2014

JANUARY 18-22 2014

Raw chef and life transformation course set in an eco-paradise, Patnem, Goa

This is the third time that Kate is offering the Raw Magic Course in Goa. The first one, in 2012, sold out before Christmas! That was the first time Kate had taught the five day course, and since she has taught it 14 times at different locations around the world, such as Iceland, Denmark, Turkey, and France, and it has proved hugely popular wherever she’s gone.

If you are looking to start 2014 in style, look no further. The course offers an in-depth education on raw cuisine – why raw foods are so beneficial, how to sustain a raw food diet, and how to make delicious and nutritious raw food simply and successfully. We promise that you will finish the course armed with a practical knowledge of how to make magic in the kitchen, along with a transformed awareness of how to empower yourself and implement the magic in your world.

We like to find the most amazing settings for the Raw Magic courses, and so we will be landing on the shores of India to soak up sun rays and good karma in between classes. Bhakti Kutir is located 200 m above Palolem beach, arguably Goa’s finest and safest beach, on the terraces of a coconut grove. The centre is fully equipped to cater for raw fooders – you can usually purchase a litre of green juice for £1, as well as fresh coconuts and wonderful salads made with local produce. It truly is an eco-paradise. You are free to stay with us at Bhakti, or make your own separate accommodation arrangements – there is no shortage of affordable accommodation within walking distance.

Anna Steele is facilitating the course, and can advise you on travel arrangements and visas, and help you with booking accommodation and making the arrangements for your stay. If you have questions that you cannot find the answer to on the site, please leave your question in the comments section below. If you would prefer your question to remain private, please email Anna on rawmagicingoa@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “RAW MAGIC IN GOA, JAN 18-22, 2014

    • yes katarina, pls email rawmagicingoa@gmail.com to secure your place. it would be ideal to combine the course with yoga, many people have done that before – have the opportunity to take yoga in the morning & in the evening as the class is only in the afternoons.

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